RIM Demos BlackBerry 6 Media Capabilities

RIM has put up details on it’s site about the new upcoming BlackBerry 6 that will be launching soon. The details this time revolve around the media capabilities of the device and show what it can do in terms of music and video.

RIM has added music album art and discovery to BlackBerry 6. When you upload music to a smartphone running BlackBerry 6, album art is pulled down automatically if available.

The photos section has also been updated in BlackBerry 6 and allows users to easily sort through photos on the device. Organisation allows you to search by event or date.

Overall the screenshots show an impressive set of features for the new operating system. It appears that RIM are doing some very much needed updates to the smartphone making it ready for a wider audience.

Check out the full post over here on the RIM site to see all the new features related to the multimedia aspect of the BlackBerry.

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