Ridgeblade Wind Power Generator

ridgeblade-1Ridgeblade is a device that sits on the roof of your home and contains a rotor that can generate power when wind hits it. It’s different to the more conventional generators that are seen and sits quite neatly on the roof of a home.

The Ridgeblade was designed as part of the 2009 Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge and is touted by it’s designers as being an “innovative, affordable and effective way of harnessing the winds power to produce renewable energy.”

The design of the ridgeblade unit allows it to produce electricity in low wind conditions. This is partly down to where it is placed (on the top of the roof) where wind can be easily channelled through the turbine. The roof accelerates the wind to generate more power.

Ridgeblade could hit the market as soon as early 2010 if final testing proves to be succesful.


Via: RedFerret

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