Remove Google Background – Sorry, You’ll Have to Wait

Trending in Google [GOOG] right now is the phrase Remove Google Background. Lets give a bit of a brief history on this. Google today started going Bing style in that it now shows a background image on it’s home page.

It seems that many people want to remove the google background image and return the search engine to it’s regular simplistic white background and uncluttered setup.

Unfortunately after a bit of digging around it appears that this cannot be done and that we are all stuck with backgrounds although a few tricks can be used to bypass the background.

The first option is to upload a custom background and perhaps if you don’t have a picture you like, you could just upload a white image.

The second option is to use the google searchbox in the toolbar of Firefox and IE and do searches from there. In doing that you skip right past the Google home page.

Finally, this could be just a 1 day thing like the Google Doodles that we occasionally see, so it could be just a matter of waiting it out a bit longer.

It’s a shame that Google doesn’t offer to just get rid of it as I personally find it a little distracting and never really liked the Bing look.

Update: 4th Option… If you use Chrome, someone has created a nifty plugin to do the job for you. That’s just sheer dedication!! The plugin for chrome can be found here.


  1. Try one of the following solutions to get rid of the background image:

  2. Kristy-Lee says

    just type in
    its just the white background

  3. This is so annoying, whenever i open firefox it takes so long to load google and makes my laptop go slow.

    However i clicked the “Go To” link under the search bar and it works, normal google, normal white background 🙂

  4. If you go to Editor’s Picks, there is a “white” option at the bottom. Choosing this makes the screen uncluttered and white again, but the Google logo all white as well. It’s better than the photographs.

  5. jamestkirkesq says

    Oh, or just sign up for a Google account and put up your own image.

    Is that perhaps what Google are trying to get us to do.

    Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t want a Google account.

    Hey, Google … “leave our Google Home Page alone, will ya?” … ha, ha, ha! 🙂

  6. jamestkirkesq says

    Hey, only 16 hours of annoying backgrounds and my Google’s back to good old “Google-White” …

    Guess the guys at Google must have heard us … yaaay!!! :-))

  7. the original idea of google background design is quite cool, but they didn’t provide any ‘OPTIONS’ for users. Sigh~

  8. Google should’ve never came out with this stupid background image stuff. Now that it’s set back to normal, I see a gray link at the bottom of the screen. Seems to me, they should have that link in settings and NOT on the main screen!!! Bad Google, Bad!! 🙁

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