Remote Controlled Dinosaur

Remote Controlled Dinosaur
Remote control toys have entertained for years, from cars to more recently the Picoz helicopter. Now firebox has bought forward a new concept in the race to evolve RC toys – an RC dinosaur. Named the Pterosaur, it has a range of 100ft and can be used indoors and outdoors. This prehistoric reptile flies by flapping its wings and is ready to fly straight from the box. Once the original charge has depleted, it is simple to recharge – it just uses the portable quick charger. (the hand-held control) If you are afraid that a small crash may have catastrophic consequences – possible extinction – then be put at ease, the Pterosaur has a durable foam body that should withstand day to day impacts.

This little video gives you a sneak preview.

If you fancy a go at one of these then they can be purchased from firebox for £49.95, approx $68.

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