RealD LP 3D Projector Solution

reald_lp3D is getting some serious attention this year with many screen manufacturers looking towards creating their own 3D TV’s. To help this along companies like Sky have also been testing 3D capabilities over their TV network. RealD are a company who are big in the 3D world and they have created the RealD LP. The LP is a Linear Polarizing Z screen that allows you to use a single projector to create a 3D image by using a passive solution.

The LP sits in front of your projectors lens as pictures above and polarizes the imagery from 3D projector. When you wear 3D glasses you then get to see a 3D image on screen.

Primarily this is designed for office and public museum type places, but in the future it would ideally fit in to home cinema set-ups very nicely as more films start being recorded in 3D.

More details can be found in the press release here.

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