The Real cost of the Apple iPad

Voucher Codes in the UK decided to put together quite a cool infographic (if that’s the right word for it), that shows the real price of an Apple iPad and confirms if the $499 price tag is as “unbelievable” as they repeatedly have said.

First impressions of the iPad pricing is that we all expected it to cost $1000 or so, so when the lowest spec model came in at $499 it seemed like a good deal.

The infographic is based on old Apple products that have launched over the last 24 years and includes the likes of the Apple Lisa, Apple I, II and III right up to the iPhone, iMac and the Apple iPad.

The image below shows you how much of a deal it really is. Of course it’s all a bit of fun and I don’t vouch for the accuracy of it as I haven’t given the numbers an indepth search, but here goes…

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