ReadySTEADY Pocketcam Stabilizer

readySTEADY is a gadget that lets you capture steady video with a pocket camcorder. It is compatible with the Flip, Zi or Bloggie cameras.

The system works by using a standard tripod mount screw thread on the end of a length metal that has a weight hanging from the bottom. The weight hanging on the bottom lets the camera smoothly move rather than be bumpy and jerky.

readySTEADY uses a patented design and physics to create balance between your camera and the readySTEADY¢. The readySTEADY attaches to your camera using the standard tripod mount.

readySTEADY is portable, sleek and tough. It fits easily into your pocket (or purse), making it just as portable as your pocket video camera. It is durable, made of sturdy aluminum, not plastic. Most importantly, it puts an end to the impossible task of trying to hold your pocket video camera steady for more than 10 seconds.

The readySTEADY costs $29.99 and is available from readySTEADY in the US.

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