RC Spy Car with Night Vision

Spy Video Car
The Stealthy Watcher is an RC car with a night vision camera attached. Just put on the HUD (Heads Up Display) and take the remote control and drive away. The car is very quiet at running and transmits the video signal through the remote control to the HUD. It broadcasts in black and white and allows you to see in total darkness. With it being a small car you can take it most places such as under a table and chair and other various parts of the house.

This does look like a good toy to have and a lot of fun. Night vision is 1 cool thing with this toy, but combined with the car and HUD it makes it even more of a desirable toy to own.

* Includes: Spy Video Car, Remote Control, Heads Up Display, and Instructions
* Car Dimensions: 9″ X 7″ X 4″ (to top of camera in lowest position)
* Batteries: 12 AA, not included (6 AA for car, 6 AA for remote)
* R/C Frequency: 49.860 MHz
* Range: 75 feet
* Warranty: 90 day manufacturer’s warranty (limited).

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  1. how much did that cost u if u got a spare i might buy it because i want to win in hide and seek lol

  2. the stealthy watcher is so cool!i want to buy one.but i can’t find any.i really want one can you give one to me for free.my address is flat 7 13 floor block g Fanling Centre 33 an wan road Fanling,nt,hong kong

  3. You can buy at Walmart..

  4. Bilal Hussain says

    Dear Sir,
    Plz Give Us Full Information This Car Because I Am Bought This Car

  5. i want one but b 4 i get it i wanna nop if it works

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