RC Knight Rider Car

The RC Knight Rider Car is a sleek customised Pontiac Trans-Am and perfect for anyone who wants to remember the Hoff in the 80’s driving around as Michael Knight.

Knight-Rider-LightUnfortunately the RC version doesn’t have all of what the original does such as a molecular bonded shell and you wont be able to make it fly too easily too, unless you chuck it out of a window. It does move around just like any other RC car in that it goes forwards, backwards, left and right and it does have a turbo-boost function too.


* Car – 4¾”(W) x 3½”(H) x 13″(D)
* Remote – 4¼”(W) x 8¼”(H) x 2¼”(D)

Battery Requirements:

* Car requires 4 x AA batteries (included)
* Transmitter requires 1 x 9v battery (included)


* Officially licensed, 1:15 scale radio control K.I.T.T. (“Knight Industries Two Thousand”).
* Full function control – forward, reverse, left, right, stop and turbo boost feature.
* Working red sensor with varying speeds and “cyclon” sound effect.
* Includes speech: “I am K.I.T.T. whom you may regard as the voice of the Knight 2000”.

Available from Firebox for $49.95.


  1. RCCarBuilder.com says

    LOL. Hasselhoff will surely be proud, hehe.


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