Raspberry Pi gets a 50% performance increase – without voiding warranty

Raspberry Pi users can now officially over volt and over clock the Raspberry Pi according to new information today posted on the official RPi website. The new feature is called Turbo Mode which provides a way to make the device faster without the risk of breaking it and voiding the warranty.

The SoC is the BCM2835 which has something called a sticky bit inside which detected when the device was overclocked. If this was triggered it voided the warranty.

The way the RPi was originally overclocked was via a config file where you could increase the MHz from 700 up to almost 900 MHz before the device struggled to boot. This new method over increasing the voltage and the clock now sees the device run at 1GHz which when compared to the regular stock 700MHz, tests revealed a 52% increase in performance. Raspberry Pi now has 5 pre-sets that you can choose from in the config although not all are guaranteed to be stable. RPi suggests that you run something like Quake 3 on it to see how stability is.

FOr those interested in installing the update you can find the full details over on the Raspberry Pi website along with a link on where to download the latest build.


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