RAmos T11 RK Portable Media Player

ramos_t11_rkRAmos have introduced a new PMP (portable media player) called the T11 RK. The T11 RK is a new and upgraded version from it’s predecessor in that it’s innards have been upgraded. The outer looks is very similar to the original T11.

The RK version is powered by the Rockchip RK2806 chipset. The unit has a 5″ touchscreen that has an 800 x 480 resolution.

8GB of internal memory can be found inside which allows you to store quite a few various formats for both audio and video. TV out is also included on the RAmos T11 RK which outputs at a resolution of 720p which is HD. An FM radio is also included and the device will cost a relatively cheap $102. Via: SlipperyBrick

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