Rack Mount Dual LCD Screens – TwoView

Dual LCD Monitor - 2U
The TwoView LCD screens are for mounting in server racks. They fit in a 2U form factor and have an interesting sliding mechanism which slides each monitor to the side allowing you to work on a server with the benefit of dual screens. Many of you will be aware of the benefits of working with 2 or more screens as opposed just the 1. The unit is constructed of metal and includes the 2 screens which are 15 to 19 inch (optional), a keyboard and track ball. Resolutions supported go up to 1280 x 1024 which I assume is per screen with them being LCD screens.

As well as working well in a rack mount situation, the TwoView is also built to military standards which are listed at the link below. These include standards such as covering for shock, vibrations and sealings to allow for water.

Via: GeneralDigital

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