R2-D2 USB Flash Drive PEZ Dispenser

R2-D2-PEZ-OpenThis USB Flash Drive is unique in that it’s built from a fully functional PEZ dispenser. 2GB of storage can be stored in the base of the dispenser while the top section allows for just 3 candy bricks.

To top it off each PEZ dispenser is fitted with a famous character. Pictured here is the R2-D2 version and below this text you will see a Darth Vader, Chewbacca and c3po version as well as 4 version from the Disney Cars film.

The creator, over on Etsy, says that the modified flash drive unit is hand crafted with the utmost precision and fully tested before shipping.

If you’re after a novel gift for someone and want to splash out $25 then go and get one now. The seller also takes custom orders if you contact them to arrange first.





  1. Hi, I am cuebald, the guy who makes those conversions. Thank you for posting the “put-up” on the drive gifts I make. Honestly, they require lots of attention to detail to make, but I enjoy that kind of challenge. In January of 2010, I will start producing 4GB die cast cars and candy dispensers. Email me any time if you have any questions.

    Be well, cuebald

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