Qvaq Social Discussion Site Launches

Qvaq has launched. The website was developed by Robert Birming and Martin Lindkvist from Stockholm, Sweden.

Full details of the site and what you can do at Qvaq can be found below in the video and press release.

Check out the video below to find out more about the service or visit Qvaq now.

September 9, 2010

Qvaq goes global from developer’s living room

Qvaq, http://qvaq.com, is a new web application for online discussions in real time.

The site has been created, without any funding whatsoever, by Martin Lindkvist and Robert Birming from Stockholm, Sweden. The development is literally taking place in Martin’s living room (see attached photo).

Qvaq offers an easy way to discuss your favorite topics with others. The standard post mode is very simple, pretty much like an IRC chat. For more options, simply switch to ‘extended post’. This will give you text format features, video embedding and picture upload.

Martin says Qvaq is an old concept in a new and powerful package.

“The basic idea of Qvaq, group chatting, is nothing new; IRC has been around since the 80’s. What we have done is to make this online behavior easily accessible and more powerful”, says Martin. “The design is very clean – still, there’s a lot of nifty features hidden under the hood.”

“After signing up for free it’s very easy to join existing group discussions or to create a new one, public or private, around a specific topic.”

Users at Qvaq can also start a private chat with any other Qvaq member. Chat contacts are listed in your personal menu, along with the groups you have joined.

Other features include audio and visual notifications for new messages; personal scrapbook for links, texts, pictures etc; personal photo gallery containing your uploaded pictures; simple inline one-click to set your current status; contribute and vote for group icons and descriptions; auto link to members by writing ‘@’, the first letters, and hit tab; auto link to any Qvaq group simply by writing ‘/group-name’; easily see who’s currently online in any group; automatic group order, showing the last active at the top; and more.

For more information about Qvaq, visit http://qvaq.com

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