Quirky Cloak Apple iPad Case

Various iPad cases are available here. On to the Quirky…

As the Apple iPad launch date draws nearer, more and more accessories are becoming available. The last one we mentioned just a few days ago was the Vers Wood iPad case. Next on the list is a case built by Quirky that is called the Quirky Cloak.

The Quirky Cloak is designed to look sleek and provide enough protection to keep your iPad safe within. It is built from non-slip rubber and has a durable plastic hinge on the edges.

The iPad slides in the top of the casing and once inside is held firmly by a friction grip. The Quirky Cloak is designed in a way that allows the iPad to sit on a surface in landscape mode, or stand up with a kick stand in portrait mode.

The company are selling 620 of these cases with 39 currently being pre-ordered. The cases cost $36 and you can “commit” to buy one now. Disclaimer: I haven’t pre-ordered a case and do not know the process, so commit at your own risk so to speak.

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  1. This is a nice case there is also another nice case to prob you ipad up to any angle you want its called the ZooGue Smart Case

  2. it’s perfect, except I wish it had loops that made it something I can sling over my shoulder. I really want a iPad bag with which I can use the iPad without taking it out of the bag!

  3. These are pretty cool, I might check one out next time I buy a case. Right now I’m using an iPad case I got from BoxWave. The Sienna Leather Elite case has that vintage look, and so far its been good!

  4. iPad Cases says

    Coverage seems pretty well but the question is if he really keeps the best device if he falls and protect it is best.

  5. iPad Case says

    Many can’t wait for its official launch. It’s been delayed for quite some time now.

  6. The Cloak has been out for a couple of months now. I have their newest version and I love it. My ipad was a big investment for me and I really wanted something to PROTECT it. So the weight is not an issue. Everyone who sees it wants it.

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