Qualcomm 7×30 Smartphone Platform Increases 3D Performance

A couple of videos have surfaced showing off Qualcomm’s new smartphone platform 7×30.

The new platform uses the Snapdragon CPU and is designed as a system-on-chip that has capabilities of HD video at 720p as well as capabilities to utilise 3D.

YouTube also functions using Flash 10.1 without any hickups making it super smooth.

The device pictured above is using the new 7×30 platform and is capable of showing up to 1,000 images at the same time that can be quickly scrolled through with very little lag. Each image can be zoomed in to and the whole array of images can be sorted and re-ordered on the fly.

It is expected that the new platform will start showing up in phones by the end of this year.

Via: ArmDevices

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