Quake II Ported to HTML5 – 30fps Achieved

Quake II has been ported over to HTML5 by some Google [GOOG] guys with some spare time. To get it working they first used Jake2 (a Java port of the Quake II engine) and then mixed it somehow with the Google Web Toolkit and then compiled it to Javascript. I am sure it might be a tad more complicated than I make it sound, but as I really have no idea exactly what that means, I’ll trust it was done by someone who did know what to do.

The video below (after the break) shows Quake II running in a browser and I have to say it’s very impressive what can be done in a web browser. It really does show what HTML5 is capable of. Running a laptop the frame rate per second reached 30 frames which is quite an impressive achievement (which even surprised the Google guys working on it).

Via: GG

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