Quake 2 and 3 Ported to Motorola DROID

Back in 2009 Android and Me posted a competition to see who could port Quake 2 and 3 over to an Android based device. After being forgotten about for a while a winner suddenly appeared. The winner managed to get Quake working on the Motorola DROID and says it should also quite easily port on to the Nexus One.

Two developers have actually managed to get things working well. The first guy is called Julien who managed to create Quake2Android and has managed to get network games and touch based and accelerometer based controls to function. Although it works on the Motorola DROID at a frame-rate of 30 – 40 frames per second, we do hear it also will work on other Android based hardware such as the G1.

The next developer who goes by the name of Thunderbird2K managed to get Quake 3 ported to DROID. The project is called kwaak3. The main game works with touchscreen input along with networking and sound. Q3 runs at a slightly lower FPS than Quake 2 and manages to achieve around 20 – 30 frames on a small map with just two players. On larger maps with more players the frame rate dropped quite a bit.

Details of the apps can be found here for Quake 2 and here for Quake 3.

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