The Puma Phone

The PUMA phone was on display at MWC this year in Barcelona and seems to tackle a few things differently to other mobile phones. First off, it’s back battery cover is covered in a solar panel that allows the phone to be charged by sun light. This allows you to leave the AC adapter at home and always have a chargeable device in your pocket. Secondly, the phone is small and aimed at those who enjoy sports.

The phone it’s self looks quite good. It’s quite a small device that houses a 2.8 inch touchscreen. The phone weighs 115g and measures 102mm x 56mm x 13mm. The small sized phone is specifically made that way too as the phone is aimed at being a “sports” phone that allows you to time, track and keep tabs on your sports activities.

Battery life on the Puma is around 350 hours when in standby with about five hours of talk time. Video playback lasts around 5 hours while music playback can go for about 24 hours.

The 2.8 inch touchscreen we mentioned earlier has a resolution of 240×320 pixels that puts it as a QVGA device. On the back is a 3.2 megapixel camera that has an LED flash and 6X zoom. The specs are not that incredible, but for some reason it still looks and acts like a device that would be good to use for it’s unique solar panel and sports functions.

To see how the phone functions and what is included, check out the video below.

Video thanks to Recombu.

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