Pulse Phone iPhone App Measures Heart Rate with Camera

The Pulse iPhone app was originally submitted to Apple [AAPL] about a year ago although at the time, it was rejected due to using a unique way of accessing the camera on the iPhone 4.

Now that Apple has made its guidelines public and in some cases, has relaxed a few rules, the company behind the Pulse app have now resubmitted and had the application approved for launch.

The Pulse Phone app uses the camera and the flash to scan an image of your finger. When blood is pulsing away through your body the camera is able to see the subtle changes in colour as the blood passes through your finger. The flash is used to light up your finger although this can be used on the 3GS and 3G if you use the app under a bright light.

Its certainly unique and different to how other apps detect your pulse rate. From what Oh Gizmo have found in their tests, it seems that the app is extremely accurate.

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