PS3 Comes to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with everyAir

pandaelf Labs has created a system that allows PS3 games to be played on any iOS device which includes iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch.

The system isn’t self contained in that you actually play the PS3 games that are stored on the device. Rather, you are connecting up to a PS3, PC and various other bits of hardware so that you use the iOS device as an interface.

The process is that the capture device streams live video from the PS3 to a computer. You then connect everyAir on iOS to the computer and with a few tweaks to the hardware, the interpreter knows what buttons you’ve pressed on the screen, sends them to the PS3 which then streams the appropriate video content back through the PC.

Although quite cumbersome it seems, the results are surprisingly good and some fairly decent frame rates seem to have been achieved. Games demoed on the video below include Little Big Planet, God of War as well as Gran Turismo 5.

Controls have actually been mapped to gestures. To push the circle button, you draw a circle on the screen. Overall, very impressive.

As for the extra hardware needed, the video confirms that the reason it is needed is that the PS3 is closed off. If you have the ability to run your own software on a PS3, or if Sony allow it in the future, then the integration would become even more seamless. Check it out below:

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