Prototyle LED Side-lid LCD is Super Thin

edge-typeledbacklightA company based in Taiwan named Global Lighting Technologies have created a prototype LCD screen that is very thin. It works by using LEDs around the edges of the screen which provides the light needed to illuminate the screen.

edge-type-led-backlightIn other LCD TV’s the light source (backlight) is located at the back of the panel. This adds a little bit of bulk to the regular screen. By putting the light sources around the edges you do away with the extra thickness which results in a thinner LCD TV. The light source is commonly the thickest part of a TV, hence the reason Global Lighting Technologies are trying to come up with a new way to deal with the problem.

A light-guide-plate is used which lights up uniformly making the picture on the screen appear to be even. A 52 inch prototype measured just 1.5mm in thickness and weighs just 4.6lbs (referring to the light-guide-plate only).

It is important to develop measures to deal with heat because LEDs are spaced close together when gathered on one side of a panel; LEDs can not effectively illuminate the light guide plate if the light guide panel expands due to heat. The company did not disclose the heat prevention measures it adopted but said they were developed jointly with an LED manufacturer.

I do like the technology that we see here. The idea is fantastic and I do hope they manage to get it right and ready for production soon.

Source Via: Slashgear

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