Protect your Unsecured Wireless Network with Paint

wi-fi-blocking-paintA more common way to secure an unsecure wireless network is to just log in to your wireless router, set up the security protocols as needed, set a password and your good to go. A new way has been revealed which will allow you to paint the walls of your house or office with special wi-fi absorbing paint. It seems like a rather extreme way to secure a network, but there is reason behind the mad idea. Lets see what that might be…

So yeah, you could use this wi-fi blocking paint to secure your home network but your unlikely to do that. It’s real use is to protect sensitive equipment like the equipment found in hospitals, on planes and other areas where high speed wireless signals can effect the general running of things.

Particles of the new material could be incorporated in a paint to shield sensitive equipment in medical areas, labs, or aeroplanes from the effects of high-speed wireless communications, says Ohkoshi, who adds that the paint would be relatively cheap to make because aluminium and iron are abundant materials.

The paint uses oxide coating which in the past could strip out frequencies up to 48GHz. However, a new aluminium-iron oxide has been found which can strip out frequencies almost 4 x higher. The material can absorb EM waves up to 182GHz at room temperature.

Right now it seems like this paint could be made for about £10/KG although only samples have been made as of now.

Via: Newscientist and GadgetSpy

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