Private Browsing Hits iPhone and iPod touch – Jailbreak Needed

If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch then the Covert app found over on Cydia can be installed. What it does is adds a tweak to the browser on the iOS based device to allow you to switch browsing to a private mode, much like how Firefox and Internet Explorer have a private section of the browser.

What this mode does is allow you to browse the internet from the iOS device in complete privacy. For example, you could be looking up some health condition that you don’t want others to know you searched for.

The app integrates in to Mobile Safari and simply ads a button on the bottom tool bar that you can press to jump in to private mode.

When active the top of the browser slightly changes colour to let you know you are surfing in private model.

To get it installed you need to jailbreak your iOS device first. For those already on iOS 4.1, you’ll need to wait a few weeks until a jailbreak comes out. For those on versions lower, it is ready at Cydia now.

Cydia has the app listed for free under the BigBoss repository.

Via: Redmond Pie


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