Priority Inbox Lands on Gmail for Mobile

Google has added the Priority Inbox feature to the mobile version of Gmail. Until now, the priority inbox feature was available for Android smartphones in the app as well as regular web users. This new change brings it to the mobile version for smartphones and from what we can see, the iPad too although that might have been available previously.

Priority inbox on mobile can be seen when clicking the Menu button. Previously you’ll have just seen the inbox, sent items, starred items etc… Now when clicking menu you see a section at the top of the screen (as pictured below) and here you can go direct to your priority emails. One problem is that you cannot designate emails to be more or less priority from the mobile interface, so once in a while you’ll still need to visit the desktop to train the system.

What makes this particular feature handy to have is the time you can save on the mobile version by only seeing those emails that are important at the time. Due to the small screen estate of a mobile device, it helps you to to what you need when you want it.

Via: Google Mobile

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