PrintJinni Print App for iPhone

Apple [AAPL] will launch AirPrint in November this year. The AirPrint software will be part of iOS 4.2 that will bring muiltitasking and printing to the iPad.

If you don’t want to wait a few more months for wireless printing abilities then go and checkout the PrintJinni application that has been designed to print documents to Epson hardware.

The application costs $7 to purchase and once up and running, allows you to read various types of documents from various email services.

The app supports Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, MobileMe, AOL, and other IMAP-based e-mail accounts. Users can download, display, preview, and print e-mail attachments while maintaining accurate formatting. PrintJinni also promises easy discovery of supported Epson printer and all-in-one devices over a wireless network.

The downside to PrintJinni is that it’s a subscription based service that will cost you $10 per year although if you pick it up now for $7 in the app store, you get the first year subscription with that.

It’s not all that bad though as those who decide not to renew will still be able to print JPEG and PDF’s using the application.

Via: Coated and PCWorld

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