Pre-Release Motorola DROID on eBay

droid-ebayA seller on eBay has a prototype Motorola DROID for sale on eBay. Only 5 were ever made according to the seller and they were created strictly for the engineers. The seller also mentions that everything works perfectly including all radios for bluetooth, wireless, calls etc…

Some noted differences from the final production model are noted in the auction which include a chrome bezel rather than the black standard bezel the production model has. Silver buttons can be found on the prototype DROID rather than Gold and some enhanced LED’s for lighting of the buttons are also in the prototype.

The prototype Motorola DROID has Android Eclair 2.0 running and hence, Google Maps Navigation we assume as well as everything else that runs on 2.0.

As of writing this the phone is currently at $510 with 3 days and 6 or so hours left. It looks like there are 3 separate people bidding on the phone right now. The auction can be found here.

Via: UberGizmo

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