PrePeat Desktop Printer Can Erase/Write Documents

PrePeat is a printer that uses a special thermal head and plastic sheets to print and erase documents allowing you to cut down on paper usage in the office.

The printer uses special paper made of plastic to print on and each sheet can be used up to 1,000 times allowing a document to be printed and then erased when finished with.

The PrePeat Printer is not cheap though and will set you back about $5,517 at today’s exchange rate with the paper costing $3,300 for a pack of 1,000 sheets.

The upside is that users won’t need to buy any consumables other than paper to keep the printer running. Although at the current price tag, the PrePeat printer isn’t targeted at home users, it might appeal to those who plan to print a lot of temporary documents such as small businesses. Also, if the concept and product prove to be popular then prices could drop in the future to more reasonable for home users.

Via: PopSci

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