Pre Alert System to Prevent Car Crashes


Vehicle to Vehicle can warn of dangers around you

The V2V system has been created to help prevent drivers from having accidents. The system was created by General Motors and uses wireless technology with sensors to allow cars with the system fitted to communicate with each other up to 300 yards. The system aims to tell you when there is a car approaching around the corner, or to point out cars in your blind spot. When certain conditions are met you will be alerted so you can prepare and take action.

Unfortunately this will take GM 6 years to put in their production line for some reason even though it only costs about $250 per car. On another note, I do worry that this could make drivers more lazy. If I dont need to check certain things and assume that because the system says there is no car in my blind spot and go then there could be a time when there is a car there and I do not bother to check out of habit. However, if used correctly this could be very helpful in situations where you need to overtake, or drive on country roads where its difficult to see what is around the next corner.

The system is also capable of assisting your braking should you not slow down in time for an obstacles ahead.

My overall impression is that this could be a good thing if it gets enough support and does not become too expensive.

Via: DailyMail

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