PQI ReadyBoost DOM for Vista

PQI are taking a unique but kind of weird approach to the ReadyBoost function of Windows Vista. The DOM (Disk on Module) is an internal solution that attaches direct to a USB port on your Motherboard. Coming in 4 sizes of 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB it allows you to use the performance increasing solution. I do not see the full benefit of this device yet other then freeing up a USB port on the outside of the case. Its a strange idea to have to open up your PC, put the ReadyBoost DOM in place and then remove it when you are done. Thats of course unless I am missing something here. I think most people will opt for a USB flash drive that can be easily removed from the front of the PC.

The smallest version (256MB) will set you back $23 with the larger model being $72. I guess it could be for those not wanting to upgrade RAM on their system and opting for a permanent ReadyBoost internal system. Other then that, I think I will stick with my flash drive for now.

Via: TweakTown

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