Power Brick Charger

Power Brick Charger
The Power Brick is a new battery device which is high capacity. It has a 2400Mah capacity allowing it to charge a regular mobile phone or iPod about three times before it needs recharging it’s self. It weighs less then 100g and can be charged by USB. Outputs on this device are a plenty too. It comes with “tips” for Nokia (x2), Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola/Blackberry/mini USB, iPod, PSP and digital cameras. Also in the pack is a retractable USB cable which connects the tips to the battery. Full charge can be held for 3 months and the on/off switch is located on the side. So you do not loose all the bits and bobs included, the package comes with a small white case too.

For those who are out and about a lot, this small package could be a nice source of power should you need to make a call and your phone is dead.

It costs just £14.99 also which is not bad considering it contains all the above tips for a ton of devices.

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