Portable Photo Studio

portable_photo_studioThe Portable Photo Studio allows you to capture more professional looking pictures that will be sharper and lit correctly. The photo studio measures 16 inches cubed and is lit externally by a couple of spot lights. The light-box allows you to place products inside and photograph them with correct lighting.

Pros use lightboxes to give their product shots a nice white background, diffusing lighting and reducing the harsh shadows that make your product shots amateurish and cheap. We’ve also included two super-bright halogen lights to further light the scene.

A mini tripod is included with the photo studio kit that gives your camera the stability to make sharp images. The cool thing about this light box is that you can just fold it up and put it all in a small carry case. Also, priced at $49.99 it’s quite a bargain.

Portable Photo Studio Features

* Collapsible photo lightbox, 16 inches cubed
* Two high-output table-top 35 watt photo lights
* 6 inch to 7 inch extension mini-tripod
* Zippered nylon carrier, 9 inches by 4 inches by 8 inches
* Does not include a camera 😉


Via: Coolest Gadgets

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