Portable N64 with Instructions How to Build!

Someone (Marshall) has built an N64 named the L64 and has provided instructions on how he built the games machine. It’s rather bluky as it’s an N64 chopped up and put in a smaller case with a screen and battery. Still good fun to read through.



Source: The L64


  1. Michael Elmaleh says

    that is really cool i want to see how to make one!

  2. I have seen this before on the internet and I am still amazed by it, however I am unable to find the guide you said he made. Could someone direct me to it? Email me, Thanks.

  3. It looks like the link is dead where the instructions could originally be found :S

  4. Yeah, there’s no instructions either here or on the link of L64.

  5. ugh..you said there were instructions but there’s just one problem YOU FORGOT TO PUT IT IN!!!

  6. Taylor mcalister says

    Hey, does this system come with the expansion pack?

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