Portable Lie Detector

portable-lie-detectorA portable lit detector has been built. The idea behind it is that you have your suspect liar talk in to it and a visual representation on screen will confirm if they are telling the truth.

The lie detector measures vibrations in the voice which are associated to the user moving from calm to nervousness. When nervousness is detected it indicates a lie is being told. The creators claim it doesn’t quite have a 100% hit rate but that it does have a very high degree of accuracy.

The unit is small which allows it to be concealed if needed. It can also work over a phone and claims also mention that even more accuracy can be found over the phone due to the digital nature of calls (specifically speaking about mobile network calls).

The unit needs to be trained before use by asking it a few yes/no type questions. A baseline is then created which the machine can work out the truth of the answers given. Although you won’t expect to see courts using this for legal type stuff it could be used for a bit of fun with friends (or for the paranoid type).

The portable lie detector costs $59.99 (at time of writing) and is available from Amazon.

Via: Coated

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