Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9981 Revealed

RIM and Porsche has unveiled a new BlackBerry smartphone. It is called the P’9981 and is a special edition device. When launched later this year, you’ll be able to pick one up at a Porsche Design store. More on the price later on.

The device has a 1.2GHz processor and 8GB of memory. It is capable of capturing video in HD and runs BlackBerry OS 7. Other features include premium and exclusive BB PINs that help users identify each other more easily. Also, it will have a Porsche inspired user interface.

The P’9981 is made of forged stainless steel and on the back is a hand-wrapped leather cover. The screen is described as being a “crystal clear touch display”.

On to the price, rumours are hinting that it will be limited edition and will cost $2,000.


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