Polarion Flash Light has 5000 Lumens

Polarion have created an amazing flash light which boasts a 5000 lumen bulb inside. That’s a hefty 1000 lumen’s brighter then the model below. The torch has a battery life of 80 minutes which I think is fairly impressive considering it’s a few times brighter then your home projector. Newer batteries will be made available also which will increase the usage time per charge.

The beam thrown by the Polarion PG50 is 1 mile and can be used for various things such as a searchlight. The Polarion’s will set you back just short of $2200.

Product Page Via: I4U


  1. Blue Star Ferries - in Republic of Korea says

    We would like to buy this one “Polarion Flash Light has 5000 Lumens ” torch, even we could get in Korea.
    Wonder there is any branch office in Korea and could be delivered to abroad.

    Please contact at your convenience any time.

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