Polar WearLink+ Heart Rate Monitor for Nike+ Announced

Nike [NKE] has announced along with Polar the Polar WearLink+ device. The new device is designed to work with Nike+ and acts as a heart rate monitor that interfaces with a range of Polar devices as well as Nike+ devices such as iPods.

This exciting new piece of equipment is worn comfortably round the chest and transmits the user’s heart rate wirelessly to their Nike+ iPod Sport Kit or Sportband. It will improve the training experience of Nike+ users helping them to understand how hard they are working in any given run. Users can see their beats per minute while they run with their Nike+ SportBand, or hear spoken feedback of their BPM during their Nike+ iPod workout. And after training, heart rate data can be transferred to the nikeplus.com web service. Users can track how long they ran in their target heart rate zone and see their heart rate progress over time.

Polar training computers using the 5KHz transmission technology are all compatible with the heart rate monitor. Also the fifth generation iPod nano is compatible and the Nike+ iPod sports kit.

The device it’s self attaches to your chest by a strap that wraps around you. If you go to a gym with compatible equipment, you can also beam the heart rate data to the training equipment to monitor what’s going on there.

The new Polar WearLink+ will be launched this month in the US and a number of major EU countries the following month. In the US the product will cost $69.95 and will be available from various locations such as the Apple store.

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