Poken – A Real World Social Network Tag

pokenPoken is a new USB device that allows you to venture in to the “real world… away from your computer” but yet, still capture new Facebook, Myspace and other social networking friends.

poken-gangIf you occasionally do leave your computer then take Poken with you and when you spot someone else with a Poken you give them a high-5 with it and your social networking details are magically shared with each other. When you get back to your computer you simply plug in the USB Poken and your friends who were high-5’d are now added to your profile.

Poken is capable of storing up to 64 contacts before you need to upload the details on to your computer. When it gets near capacity an orange light gives out a warning to you.

Poken is available from Firebox in both the UK and US and costs around $20.


  1. Gadget Living says

    That’s a really cool idea. So much handier than trying to remember to “add a friend” or whatever later on.

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