Pocketbook Android Powered e-Reader Incoming

Pocketbook has announced five new eBook Readers that will be launched at IFA this September.

The new Pocketbook devices include 2 entry level devices called the ProBook 602 and the 902. The next up is the ProBook 603 and 903. The 60X devices each have six inch screens while the 90X devices have 9.7 inch screens.

The fifth model being launched is called the PocketBook IQ that will have a 7 inch TFT screen (colour). The screen is touchscreen and the device has WiFi and Bluetooth built in. This particular model will run Android 2.0 and have access to Bookland.net to grab content from.

As for the 60X and 90X models, these will run a Linux-based operating system and have WiFi and Bluetooth. The XX3 models will have 3G connectivity and a Wacom touchscreen.

Details of pricing should be made available in the next few weeks when IFA kicks off.

Via: Engadget

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