Pocket Laser Clock

Time Laser
I remember the first laser pen I got. I had a good laugh with it pointing it on the street and putting a small red dot on the ground in front of someone to confuse them. A few years later I was in Paris and was sold one at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower for 3 pounds. This has attachments on the end so that an Eiffel tower was projected on to the surface it was pointing at as well as others. What we have here is not just a static dot or image, but a clock that is projected by a laser on to any surface. Its an odd way to tell the time, but still kind of funky in a way. As well as being a 650nm red laser clock pen it also functions as a regular blank ink pen.

The Pocket Laser Clock is yours for just $11.99 and available from ThinkGeek. You should also go check out some other items over at ThinkGeek as they have tons of cool geek type gadgets for you to peruse.

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