Plus Deck Cassette Converter

Cassette Converter
For those of you who remember the good old cassette days then this device could be for you. If you have recently looked through your top 40 recording of the charts then you might find tracks from artists such as MC Hammer and even further back to bannanarama. What a classic set of songs you have there in old shoe boxes collecting dust. This is where the Plus Deck Cassette Converter comes in to play. The Plus Deck Cassette Converter fits in to a 5.25 inch drive bay on your PC. Basically stick the cassette in the front and away it plays through your sound card so you can capture those fond memories in digital glory.
Plus Deck
The player/recorder comes with it’s own software that is simple to use and even has the classic auto reverse function that we all loved in our son walkmans.

Get pressing the Proverbial record and play and bring your childhood in to the digital age.

Available now for 99.99 pounds from here.

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