Pleco Chinese Dictionary App uses OCR

Pleco is releasing an updated version of it’s Chinese Dictionary software. The new version makes use of the camera on the iPhone and uses OCR to track Chinese characters and provide the meanings of them on the screen.

To look up with a symbol means, you hold the camera over it and the software recognises it and instantly pulls the description from the dictionary.

The app is version 2.2 and will be launching next month assuming approval goes successfully. The price of the app isn’t known just yet but the company behind it say it wont be too expensive.

This works best on the iPhone 4, but should work pretty well on the 3GS as well (as long as it’s been upgraded to iOS 4), and if the rumors about Apple’s next iPod Touch model including a built-in camera are true we’re hopeful that it would work on that as well.

Assuming you have iOS 4 on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 (and perhaps the iPod touch that is being announced soon) then you should be good to go with this app.

The video below shows a demonstration of what it can do…

Via: Pleco


  1. is the OCR version for iPod already available?

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