Playstation Phone Could Launch in February

We are no closer to knowing if the Playstation Phone from Sony Ericsson is actually real or not, but more hints that it could be made available have arrived. This time the information comes from the Sony Ericsson CEO who suggests that a new device will be launching in February of 2011.

The CEO basically said that with all the smoke around, there must be a fire in there somewhere. He then dropped a hint that a new device will be launching at Mobile World Congress this coming February.

The Playstation phone is expected to run the latest version of Google Android. It is expected to have a large screen and rather than having a slide out QWERTY keyboard, some familiar PS controller buttons are expected.

We expect to hear a lot more rumours over the coming months, hopefully all pointing towards a device for playing Playstation games on and making phone calls. Perhaps though, the two shouldn’t be mixed. What are your thoughts?

Via: Engadget

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