Playstation Phone Details Leak

More details about the Playstation Phone from Sony Ericsson have leaked. The details were leaked to Mobile Crunch who heard that the Playstation Phone was very real.

A few other details mentioned about the device include the screen being on par with the iPhone 4 retina display perhaps with some BRAVIA technology being pushed in there by Sony. We also hear that the device is nowhere near ready and that it might be ready for February to be launched at Mobile World Congress.

Other information reveals that the price tag will be somewhere around the $500 mark (unsubsidized). This price tag will see the device have around 5 games that come with the unit. Other games are expected to be sub $10 perhaps pushed through the Android Market.

Z-System has been confirmed as being real and perhaps could be the way games are distributed although that depends on games being pushed through the Android Market. It isn’t full clear what this part of the system will do.

Apparently the Mobile Crunch tipster was impressed and said that it’s the best gaming on a mobile device he has seen.

Certainly interesting stuff!

Image Credit: Engadget

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