Playstation Phone Captured Again on Clearer Video

Someone has managed to get hold of a Playstation Phone and give a very brief demo. The good side is that this is the clearest video we have seen of the Playstation Phone, but at the same time, no games are available to show being played on it.

The video shows the phone opened up with the control pad section opened up. The user then taps on a Playstation icon which loads up the PS library. Once in there it says on screen that there are no content items.

Although brief, the video is clear and does show a bit more evidence that this phone is coming soon.

The OS running on this particular phone looks to be Android 2.3. It is believed that the Playstation Phone will be called the Zeus Z1.

Also to make things be a little more real, there’s another video just below the first that shows the phones controller being slid open and also reveals a bit more about the device. Enjoy!!

Via: Slashgear

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