PlayStation Phone to be Called Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson has filed for a trademark called XPERIA PLAY. This is now believed to be the new name for the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone that is believed to be launching around February/March of 2011.

The trademark was filed for in the EU, as well as a number of domain names such as etc… We also hear that several other trademarks have been filed all following the Xperia naming convention which includes the Xperia Neo, Xperia Duo and Xperia Arc.

It certainly has us interested at the moment and even more so with the launch being just around the corner. We’ve already seen the hardware a few times now and only seem to be waiting for the official announcement from Sony which could arrive at CES 2011 or MWC 2011.

One thing to note is that the trademark of the name doesn’t mean it will end up being called that. It could end up being just the PlayStation Phone as it has more commonly being referred to as since spotting it a few months back.

Via: Pocket Now

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