Playstation Move Teardown

The Playstation Move went on sale last Friday. iFixit followed it’s usual tradition and decided to take it apart and have a look at what’s inside and how it all works.

The Move its self has seven buttons, a compass, gyroscope, accelerometer and vibration motor. A mixture of all these sensors allows it to be accurately tracked by the Playstation and allows a different way of interacting with games.

The Playstation Move its self is easy to take apart according to iFixit and they ended up giving it a score of 8 out of 10 with 10 being the easiest on the scale.

The controller works differently to the Wii Controller. For tracking location, the Wii uses an infrared sensor bar that has a couple of IR emitters. By tracking the remote with triangulation it allows the Wii console to figure out how and where the controller has moved. The Move on the other hand, can be detected in 3D space. The PlayStation Eye camera also detects the relative size of the glowing sphere that sits on the top of the controller.

iFixit reports that many components of a common smartphone are also found inside which includes… “a processor, accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth transmitter, vibrating motor, and even a MEMS compass.”

The sphere on top can glow any colour. This makes the system capable of tracking many players. As well as being a unique colour, the ball also changes it’s colour based on the lighting conditions in the room allowing the PlayStation Eye to more easily sense where it is.

Full details and images of the teardown can be found over at iFixit.

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