Playstation Move Announced

Sony have announced their PS3 motion controller that has now officially been named as Playstation Move. Playstation Move was previously called the wand, arc to name a few names.

The announcement came yesterday where it was shown to deliver true 1:1 motion control which Sony claim to be more responsive than the Nintendo Wii Plus. It will be interesting to see how each of them compare when tested with each other.

Games already announced include Little Big Planet as well as SOCOM 4. A few large companies are also looking at building games for the Playstation Move. This includes names like Capcom, EA, Sqaure Enix as well as 33 others which is quite an impressive start.

When launched the Playstation Move will cost around $100. It does remind me of a Nintendo controller and nunchuk, so it makes you wonder if Nintendo are going to pursue Sony on that matter, or if there’s enough difference to allow it to happen.

The new Move controller will launch before Christmas with an estimated time of just late 2010.

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