Playstation 4 Just around the Corner

Playstation 4
The Playstation 3 was recently released in the UK and a few months before in Japan and the US. Already there are rumours of the next version named the Playstation 4 becoming available in just 18 months. Considering the PS1 to PS2 gap was about 6 years and the PS2 to PS3 gap was maybe 8 years, I wonder if the rumours of the PS4 being just 18 months away could be true. It makes me think that they were talking of a PS3 version 2 to be honest. Forums are already set up for the Playstation 4 although very quiet to be honest 🙂

The PS4 is not actually going to be a new console as it will use some of the technology from the PS3 as well as a new drive bay and attachment area. Also it seems like streaming is to be more prominent in the PS4 allowing it to connect to a Hi Fi or TV in your house more easily. Maybe it should have been named the PS3.5 or something else as naming a half borrowed console as the next version just seems a little out of place.

If I find anything else on this rumour then I will be sure to post it, but to be honest, I wasnt expecting to see a PS4 until 2014 or so.

Via: DailyTech


  1. i am so psyced about the new playstation 4 comming out i hope it comes out soon

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