Playstation 3 EyeToy

Playstation 3 EyeToy
For those who have used a Sony EyeToy you will either love it or probably hate it. I happen to think they are cool and a great laugh on the multi player games as it ads a different dimension to games. The EyeToy is now coming to the Sony PS3 and the specs have also been boosted a little to match. The camera is USB 2.0 and can capture 120 frames per second at 320 x 240 and 60 FPS at 640 x 480. This isnt bad at all for the camera and should allow for some nice interactivity with games. As well as having a nice frame rate the camera also has digital zoom and also has the ability to capture images with either a 56 or 75 degree field of view.

One last feature that we know about is that it is supposed to work in lower light conditions which is handy to have as light can kill the eyetoys ability to capture movement if it’s way out. Unfortunatly no prices yet, but it should be out later on this year.

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  1. It comes out in october, I suspect it will be around the same price as the games aruond $60.

    I think it will be great as the old eye toys are just not up date and skip and lag.

  2. Is the eye toy wireless? And if not how long is the cord because i need at least at least 4 ft or 3 ft of cord. thx

  3. I dont believe it is wireless but I would imagine it would have more then 3 feet of cord so I think you should be ok. However, I havent actually checked it out myself. I just cant see it having a super short cable.

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